Creative Photography Techniques, Ideas, & Inspiration

Starting in January 2022 - Live hands-on instruction & inspiration. Taught by Andrea Gulickx (Creative Landscapes), Brad Hall (videography), Christine Cook (Winning Images), Cole Thompson (A Unique Perspective on B&W & Vision), David Duchens (Photoshop Skills You'll Love), Donna Eaton (Adding Textures), Eileen Sklon (Fantastic Floral Ladies), Jackie Kramer (Multiples in Camera, Photoshop Creativity), John Barclay (Lightroom Book Module), Kasandra Sproson (Through the Soji Screen), Kathleen Clemons (All About Textures), Michael Joseph (Preparing/Matting Images for Competition), Padma Inguva (Long Exposure), Paul Johnson (Fun Fractal Fleurs), Polina Plotnikova (Still Life - Starting with a Blank Canvas), Rad Drew (Topaz Top Tips), Sandra Pearce (Painting Basics in Photoshop), Sharon Garner (Scanography), Steve Koppel (Keynote), Tony Sweet (Infrared), and Victoria Pavlov (Digital Backgrounds). NOTE THAT ALL SESSIONS ARE LIVE ONLINE AND RECORDED FOR YOUR REVIEW LATER IN YOUR DASHBOARD HERE ON THIS WEBSITE.

  • 1

    Orientation to PO22

    • 20220105-235947-992

  • 2

    January: Self-Expression through Imagery by Steve Koppel

    • Self-expression through Imagery

  • 3

    January: Composition by Jackie Kramer

    • Composition

    • Reviews - Composition



  • 4

    January: Still Life by Polina Plotnikova


    • Reviews - Still Life

    • Polina Gear list & notes

  • 5

    February: Winning Images by Christine Cook

    • Winning Images

    • COMPOSITION - Unique to Subject [QUALITIES of WINNING IMAGES] - Powerpoint

    • Reviews - Winning Images

  • 6

    Sandra Shaw Pearce

    • Painting with Sandra

    • Pete's Mixer Brush - Download, Open, & it should open into Photoshop (if not, save, then open)

    • Bee Eater Image to Work on

    • Reviews by Sandra

  • 7

    March: Floral Fantasy Ladies by Eileen Sklon

    • Floral Fantasy Ladies

    • Reviews by Eileen

  • 8

    Cole Thompson: Thought Provoking "Unique Perspective on B&W and Vision"

    • Unique Perspective on B&W and Vision

  • 9

    March: Long Exposures by Padma Inguva

    • Long Exposures

    • Image Reviews by Padma

  • 10

    April: Topaz by Rad Drew

    • Topaz Tips by Rad

    • Image Reviews by Rad

  • 11

    April: Fun in Photoshop with David Duchens

    • David Duchens: Creativity in Photoshop

    • Image Reviews by David

  • 12

    May: Through the Soji Screen with Kasandra Sproson

    • Through the Soji Screen

    • Textures to Download

    • Kasandra's supply list

    • Image Reviews by Kasandra

  • 13

    June: Infrared by Tony Sweet

    • Tony Sweet: Capturing the Essence of Infrared

    • Image Reviews by Tony Sweet

  • 14

    July: Everything in Focus by Mike Moats

    • Mike Moats: Everything in Focus

  • 15

    July: Multiples by Jackie Kramer

    • Multiples by Jackie

    • Image Reviews by Jackie

  • 16

    August: Creating A Book in Lightroom by John Barclay

    • Lightroom's Book Module by John Barclay

    • Book Reviews by John

  • 17

    Bonus: Collections & Collages by Jackie Kramer

    • Collections & Collages in Lightroom

  • 18

    August: Swirling Flowers by Paul Johnson

    • Swirling Flowers by Paul

    • Paul's Slideshow: Twisty Flower Magic

    • Image Reviews by Paul

  • 19

    September: Creative Landscapes by Andrea Gulickx

    • Creative Landscapes by Andrea

    • Image Reviews by Andrea

  • 20

    Photoshop with Jackie Kramer

    • Creative Editing with Jackie

    • Image Reviews by Jackie

  • 21

    October: All About Textures with Kathleen Clemons

    • All About Textures with Kathleen

    • Image Reviews by Kathleen

  • 22

    November: Making Digital Backgrounds by Victoria Pavlov White

    • Digital Backgrounds with Victoria White

    • Image Reviews by Victoria White

  • 23

    November: Adding Textures in Photoshop with Donna Eaton

    • Adding Textures in Photoshop with Donna Eaton

    • Image Reviews by Donna Eaton

  • 24

    December - Digital Mats by Michael Joseph

    • Digital Mats by Michael Joseph

    • Image Reviews by MJ


Jackie Kramer

Jackie is known for her floral photography, rich with color and passion. She is a Lensbaby Ambassador & KelbyOne instructor who has received international acclaim for her images. Jackie's true passion is to encourage people to live their legacy. Her Facebook group, Phlorography, is a supportive community in which photography is the common thread and where relationships make a difference.

Christine Cook

Christine enjoys all subjects and aspects of photography! She is on the board of the Florida Camera Club Council, where she is Competition Director and runs a training program for judges. In her Naples club, she directs a monthly Image Critique Forum and Women's Workshop.

Andrea Gulickx

Experimenting and creating is what Andrea prefers to do no matter what the subject is. She does this with her own vision. She is a professional photographer with many different workshops on her calendar. And she loves to share her way of working during these workshops and with presentations.

Polina Plotnikova

Polina is Russian-born UK-based photographer. She studied at Moscow State University and in the Christies Education in London/Modern Art studies. She worked with photography in the museums, galleries and image libraries. These days she is teaching Creative Flowers photography and Still Life workshops and visits photography clubs around South East with photography talks. She is also Lensbaby ambassador. She has an FRPS and an EFIAP photography distinctions and a number of photographic awards, including eight Gold and Silver Gilt medals at the RHS photography competitions, category winner of Food Photographer of The Year competition, various distinctions at each of the International Garden Photographer of The Year competitions, and multiple medals and distinctions awarded by various Photography Salons.

Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons is an award-winning photographer, teacher, speaker, author and workshop leader from the coast of Maine. She teaches online classes at Kathleen Clemons Education as well as many location workshops and seminars and is on the instructional staff of the Santa Fe Workshops. She has also filmed instructional classes for Craftsy, CreativeLive, Lensbaby University and is the author of “All About Textures”.

Steven Koppel

Steve’s imagery seeks to convey the deep connection he has with Cape Cod, a place he and his family have cherished for over 30 years. Steve is the owner of EXPRESSIONS Gallery in Chatham, and donates proceeds from the sale of his work to the non-profit work of EDI Institute and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod. Steve's books, The Brewster Flats and The Cape Cod National Seashore, contain emotive images of the extraordinary visual spectacles from these changing landscapes.

Sandra Pearce

Sandra Pearce lives in Florida. She is widely known for her expertly created artwork that makes everyone smile. Sandra has been teaching Painting in Photoshop for over 10 years.

David Duchens

David is a French professional photographer, and educator. Creative mind, he likes to create images, using Photoshop. David always tries to look for new approaches to work on his images.

Tony Sweet

Tony is a Nikon professional, author, workshop leader, and lecturer. He and Susan Milestone teach annually throughout the USA, Canada, and Iceland. His work has been published worldwide in every medium.

Kasandra Sproson

Kasandra's fine art floral imagery is a visual expression of her strong spiritual and emotional connection with the world around her, created by applying artistic photographic techniques and digital enhancements. Kasandra's instructions combine her first love, macro photography, with her passion for flowers. She has received numerous awards nationally and locally and has had images and articles published in Canadian magazines.

Donna Eaton

Donna is known for her creative vision and artistic images and sharing her heart through her camera and the use of post processing. She believes that photography is a reflection of who we are and our life experiences. Donna loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students and enjoys watching them grow as photographers.

Victoria Pavlov

Victoria Pavlov was introduced to the magical world of art from her childhood. Her first language was the language of art. Victoria dedicated her professional life to digital and traditional imaging, photography. She has a passion for design and all things creative.

Padma Inguva

Padma first picked up a camera to capture the fruits of her labor in her New Jersey garden. Her curiosity drove her to spend thousands of hours shooting and processing floral portraits. Her love for photography expanded to other genres such as architecture and long exposures. Her hope is that through photography, others can learn to see the beauty in little things and create for themselves an oasis in this constantly demanding life.

Rad Drew

Rad is a photographer, teacher and tour leader from Indiana, who makes photographs with mirrorless and infrared cameras, and assorted iPhones. He loves teaching and inspiring others to discover their hidden creative talents. He is a regular presenter at photography conferences and camera clubs around the world and was listed in the Photography Society of America’s Who’s Who in Photography 2018.

Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson is uniquely unqualified to speak on photography. “I’ve never taken a photography class or a workshop. I don’t have a degree in art. I’ve never worked as a photographer. I don’t have gallery representation. I’m not a Canon Explorer of Light. And I only have three lenses and none of them are primes. ~ Do I have any qualifications? Just one…my images. Nothing else matters.”

Sharon Garner

Sharon lives on the Mendocino Coast, in Northern California where she creates "visual, edible and audible" art. She discovered scanography while studying design at the College of the Redwoods, finding a unique way to convey the mood and personality of her subjects. She feels that all nature has a voice and it is this essence she hopes to convey in her images. Sharon also specializes in layout graphic design, flower, portrait, musician portraiture, and iPhoneography.

Eileen Sklon

She has mastered the art of camera movement to achieve this style and applies it to flowers, landscapes, street scenes and people. Because “The Best Camera is the one you have with you” is so true, she has found fabulous, easy to use mobile phone apps to imbue her images with a painterly look.

Michael Joseph

Paul Johnson

John Barclay

John is an award winning photographer based in Bucks County, PA. John is a passionate photographer, enthusiastic workshop leader and inspirational speaker, presenting his programs to audiences around the world. John is an Ambassador for Singh-Ray Filters, Lensbaby, and well known for his Topaz Webinars. You can learn more about John at