The Sapphire Collection

10 textures as dazzling as jewels all uniquely created by Jackie Kramer. Each one of Jackie's textures has been tried and tested. They are large jpeg files, 6000 pixels on the long side and ready for you to incorporate into your own works of art! Have a look below at some of the images made with one or more texture(s) from this collection..

    1. How to Add Textures using Photoshop Layers 1

    2. Downloadable ZIP file: The Sapphire Collection - 9 Textures + 1 Bonus peek into the next collection

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The Sapphire Collection

9 intensely rich textures in the Sapphire Collection plus 1 to offer a peek into the next set, The Emerald Collection....

I look forward to see how YOU incorporate these into your images!