Course curriculum

In this session
👉Lisa will explain why she and her husband Tom choose Olympus.
👉 The Olympus has IBIS (in body image stabilization) that ROCKS
👉 The Olympus (and only Olympus) has Live Composite – and it is magical!
👉 Olympus also has Live Time
👉 Olympus EM1 mark ii/mark iii/OM1 is much lighter than than dSLRs and many mirrorless cameras and the lenses are MUCH lighter (I can handhold 1000mm 4.1lb)
👉 The Olympus has an articulating LCD screen which really feeds creativity
👉The Olympus cameras are weatherproof, like you can photograph ALL day in the rain with no raincovers
👉The Olympus has in-camera focus stacking (be careful it is addictive!
👉 The Olympus has Pro-capture which increases your wildlife photographs immensely
👉when creating multiple exposures you can see the ghost of the image to align it precisely
👉 The Olympus has High Res Shot Mode creates a 50 megapixel and 80 megapixel images
👉The Olympus is 60-120 frames per second and has 121 (EM1 mark iii) or 1053 (OM-1) focus points
👉Olympus has great glass, and their lenses work well with the camera body to create tack sharp images
👉Live view of white balance and settings like exposure compensation
👉 Timelapse in-camera!
👉Live ND in-camera for waterfalls, zoom bursts, ICM, etc.

Lisa will also share some tips for your Olympus Camera