Creative Ideas, Techniques, & Inspiration

Learn creative techniques to create beautiful floral images with: Andrea Gulickx, Christine Cook, Eileen Sklon, Heléna Adelmann, Jackie Kramer, Jamie Davidson, Kathleen Clemons, Mo Devlin, Padma Inguva, Polina Plotnikova, Rad Drew, Tony Sweet, & Valerie Interligi. Featured keynote by renowned photographer Sam Abell. Topics will include: Techniques for High & Low Key images (low key primarily lightpainting & high key on lightbox/lightpad), Composition, Color Theory, Handpainted backgrounds, Shooting Reflections, B&W, Infrared, Shooting Abstracts & Light using a variety of techniques, Intentional Camera Movement, Multiples, Dancing Flowers, Frozen Flowers, Petals & Details, Swedish Fairytale Flowers (shooting/editing), Creative Editing, Topaz, & Mobile Photography. You will receive an email within 24 hours of registering with links to all sessions and an invitation to the private Facebook group. Each class is LIVE and RECORDED. You will have access through 2022. Assignments (optional) are tendered for each class and followed by image reviews. PREVIOUS CLASSES READY TO VIEW ARE:

  • 1

    January: Orientation Meeting

    • Orientation - Overview of how to access sessions & upload images to be considered for review

  • 2

    January Week #1: All about lenses - Jackie Kramer

    • All About Lenses for Floral Photography (at least the ones I use!)

  • 3

    January Week #2: Lenses Review & Discussion - Jackie Kramer

    • Lenses Review & Discussion

    • Lenses - Review & Discussion

  • 4

    January Week #3: Creative Editing in Topaz - Rad Drew

    • Post-processing with Topaz by Rad Drew

  • 5

    January Week #4: Image Review & Discussion - Rad Drew

    • Image Reviews - Topaz by Rad Drew

  • 6

    February Week #1: Creativity in Camera with Andrea Gulickx

    • Creativity in Camera

  • 7

    February Week #2: Image Review & Discussion - Andrea Gulickx

    • Image Reviews by Andrea

  • 8

    February Week #3: Color Theory with Christine Cook

    • Color Theory by Christine

  • 9

    February Week #4: Image Review & Discussion - Christine Cook

    • Image Reviews by Christine 1 of 2

    • Image Reviews by Christine 2 of 2

  • 10

    March Week #1: Lightpainting

    • Lightpainting Part One (Powerpoint Presentation)

    • Lightpainting Part Two (Example images in Lightroom)

    • LIghtpainting Part Three (Demo)

  • 11

    March Week #2: Lightpainting Image Reviews

    • Lightpainting Image Reviews by Jackie

  • 12

    March Week #3 - High Key with Padma Inguva

    • Padma's Class on High Key/Light pad Photography/Light box

    • Slides from Presentation on High Key Lightbox/Lightpad Photography

    • Lightroom Processing

    • Photoshop Blending

    • Ghost Flowers

    • Solarization

    • Lightbox Photoshop Blending by Padma

  • 13

    March Week #4- High Key Images Reviews with Padma Inguva

    • Padma's Image Reviews High Key/Light pad Photography/Light box

  • 14

    April Week #1 - Creative Mobile Photography with Eileen Sklon

    • Mobile Supply List, Apps, & Assignment due Friday, Apr 9th by noon ET

    • Creative Mobile Photography with Eileen

  • 15

    April Week #2 - Mobile Photography Image Reviews with Eileen Sklon

    • Eileen's Image Reviews Creative Mobile Photography

  • 16

    April Week #3 - Mobile Black & White with Rad Drew

    • B&W on Mobile Devices (mostly iPhone)


Jackie Kramer

Jackie is known for her floral photography, rich with color and passion. She is a Lensbaby Ambassador & KelbyOne instructor who has received international acclaim for her images. Jackie's true passion is to encourage people to live their legacy which she does through her Facebook group, Phlorography, a supportive community where photography is the common thread and where relationships make a difference.

Heléna Adelmann

Heléna is not only an artist as a "profession," but also as a human being. She approaches everything in life with feelings and her way she transforms those feelings into works of art through her lens. In her words, "I see little details, that I never paid attention to before. It is – as if I discover the world again. As if a world in black & white suddenly turns into a world with all the colors of the rainbow." This is truly evident in her dreamy Swedish Fairytale Florals.

Valerie Interligi

Valerie has been involved in art/photography for many years and has always been drawn to flowers, but also a variety of other subjects. She is known for her artistic approach to composing and "finding the images," as well as for editing her work in creative ways. Valerie has opened doors for many others who wish to tap into their creativity by sharing her techniques to use reflective surfaces to show off handpainted backgrounds and textures.

Eileen Sklon

She has mastered the art of camera movement to achieve this style and applies it to flowers, landscapes, street scenes and people. Because “The Best Camera is the one you have with you” is so true, she has found fabulous, easy to use mobile phone apps to imbue her images with a painterly look.

Polina Plotnikova

Polina is Russian-born UK-based photographer. She studied at Moscow State University and in the Christies Education in London/Modern Art studies. She worked with photography in the museums, galleries and image libraries. These days she is teaching Creative Flowers photography and Still Life workshops and visits photography clubs around South East with photography talks. She is also Lensbaby ambassador. She has an FRPS and an EFIAP photography distinctions and a number of photographic awards, including eight Gold and Silver Gilt medals at the RHS photography competitions, category winner of Food Photographer of The Year competition, various distinctions at each of the International Garden Photographer of The Year competitions, and multiple medals and distinctions awarded by various Photography Salons.

Rad Drew

Rad Drew is a photographer, teacher, and tour leader from Indianapolis, Indiana. He makes photographs with mirrorless and infrared cameras, and assorted iPhones, and he loves to teach and inspire others to discover their hidden creative talents. His creative images have been recognized in galleries and photo competitions around the world. He was recognized in the Photography Society of America’s Who’s Who in Photography 2018 in the Editorial Awards category. Learn more on his website

Padma Inguva

In her own words... Who Am I? Age old question, isn’t it? I am Padma, a woman, a mother, a restless soul and lifelong focused student, and a mentor. I am forever seeking things that make me happy. What do I know? Many things... while Photography is my obsession... gardening, reading, jewelry making, soap and lotion making, aroma therapy are some of my other hobbies... I might prefer one over other for a certain period of time but all these activities make me happy. What do I have to offer? A lot of images to show my journey in photography and mentoring in photography and post processing.

Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet is a Nikon Legend Behind the lens and Singh Ray Ambassador. He and Susan Milestone conduct Visual Artistry workshops throughout the US, Canada, Iceland, and Cuba. His work has been published worldwide and used for national ad campaigns (Nikon, SinghRay, Topaz, Exposure, and had a maco article published in the NYT. He is also the author of his Fine Art Photography book series and MasterPhoto educational DVD series.

Mo Devlin

Mo Devlin lives in Northeastern Pa. with his wife. Mo is known internationally for his work photographing tropical fish. He is also known for his frozen flower images, which have been published worldwide. Many of his friends jokingly call him H2Mo, At 82 degrees its fish. At 32 degrees its flowers.

Christine Cook

Christine loves to taste all the flavors of life and all the colors of the rainbow and beyond! Her interests in photography are likewise wide-strewn, although any time she can exercise her creative juices, she is all in. She teaches various topics in photography and is very involved in her local camera club and in the state of Florida’s Camera Club Council.

Andrea Gulickx

Andrea hails from the Netherlands and is widely acclaimed for her ethereal imagery which evokes the essence of everything she photographs. Light seems to transfer through her lens and into her images no matter what optics she uses. In her words, “It’s always my challenge to achieve the final result of my images already in the field by paying close attention to the surroundings of the subject and to see how I can use the natural light in the best way. On days when the light is not very interesting. I like to experiment with fun tools and artificial light. In this way I still can create my dreamy or abstract images."

Jamie Davidson

Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning freelance outdoor & nature photographer, educator and presenter with a passion for capturing and sharing the intimate moments and beauty of the natural world on its own and as it blends with the "rest of the world." Florals and abstracts are her "Calgon." Her images range from macro and abstracts to intimate, grand and rural landscapes. She connects with all things "old" and finds a special beauty in decay and fading cultural lifestyles that reflect a life of hard work. Through her company, New Life Photos, Jamie leads photo workshops throughout the East Coast. Her goals are to encourage and inspire and help people grow in their photography skills, connect with their subjects and see beyond the obvious so that they can discover their own visual voice.

Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons is a photographer, teacher, speaker, author and workshop leader from the coast of Maine. Kathleen teaches online classes for the Santa Fe Workshops and Gather Academy as well as location workshops. She has also filmed instructional classes for Craftsy, CreativeLive, Lensbaby University and is the author of “All About Textures”.

Sam Abell

Sam learned photography from his father, a teacher, at home in Ohio. After graduating from the University of Kentucky he worked for National Geographic as a contract and staff photographer for thirty-three years. In 1990, Sam’s work was the subject of a one-person exhibition and monograph titled Stay This Moment at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Since then, Sam has published four additional collections of work: Seeing Gardens; Sam Abell: The Photographic Life; The Life of a Photograph and Sam Abell Library. In addition, Sam maintains a career as a writer, teacher, and lecturer on photography. "I’m not a gardener or or even a garden photographer. I’m a traveler who visits gardens for solace and visual inspiration. That means I seek from gardens what I seek from life itself--visually layered scenes that hold the possibility for meaningful photographic moments."